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My New Product Line Shop: Shop: Shop:+t-shirts This is a used 2007 (also current model) Vespa LX150 Scooter. The LX ie models became available in Europe in early 2010 in the US in mid-2010. For our comparison chart, I selected the Primavera's stablemate from Piaggio, the Fly 150, and the Genuine Buddy 170i which has developed an almost cult-like following since the Buddy's USA debut in 2006.

The Rally 200 may get the limelight, but when it comes to riding the duo, the LX 150 has the classic trumped. List of all Piaggio Vespa models - from the first V98 model in 1946 to the modern vespas in 2010. The LX 150 is also straight up sexy to a vast amount of people; both women and men seem to find its styling appealing.

Click here to sell a used 2011 Vespa LX 150 i.e. or advertise any other MC for sale You can list all 2011 Vespa LX 150 i.e. available and also sign up for e-mail notification when such bikes are advertised in the future. A detailed overview and review of the iconic Vespa LX 150.

Everywhere I went people simply had to ask me a few questions or relate their own Vespa experience to me. The 150 is exactly what I'd imagine a modern Vespa should look like'¦they kept a few visual cues from the days of old and simply brought the rest of the design forward with modern flowing lines.

You're right that the 150cc scooter would not be a good choice for freeway commuting. That's still pretty good and a lot better than most scooters, including the old model LX125, kymco which the new one betters by almost a third. Again, a fairly common setup amongst many similar-sized scooters and mopeds, but the Vespa's unit is one of the most comfortable ones we've come across so far.

The LX models first became available for sale in the US in 2006. Power is transferred to the rear wheels via a CVT-type automatic transmission, a fairly common powertrain layout amongst many scooters of this size. Just got a vespa LX 150 for my wife. At start it was 2 stroke 98cc model, bet then came 125cc and 160cc models.

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